Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds
Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds

Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds

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A complete new listening experience with the Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds.

Lightweight and made of soft, medical grade silicone. These earbuds are very comfortable. Three sizes of earbuds are included to make sure it’s a good fit!

The sound quality is excellent thanks to CSR Bluetooth 5.0 technology and well isolating earbuds. Crystal clear sound and full bass are features of these earbuds.

Easy connectivity with Any Bluetooth audio device, like your smartphone, tablet, notebook… you name it.

The Smart EWA Wireless Earbuds not only sound great, they are pretty smart as well. You can control your music and take phone calls using the button on each side and built in microphone.

The holder is just as smart, they will charge your ear buds on the go, so you can have up to 30 hours of listening experience without the need for a cable.

One nifty feature is that the holder can be used as a power bank for your smartphone or tablet, giving you enough juice when you absolutely need it.

The ear buds are water proof to one meter depth. Please note though that bluetooth wireless connectivity does not work well under water, you'd have to bring your audio device with you under water or keep it very close.

Use your Smart EWA Ear Buds every day of the week. Truly a wonderful must have.


  • Aluminium holder.
  • Soft, medical silicone earbuds.
  • IP67 water- and dust resistant (1 meter depth).
  • V5.0 + EDR Bluetooth Technology (up to 10 meter range).
  • CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation.
  • Lightweight.
  • Phone calls and controls (answer, hang-up, call back).
  • Play and pause Music.
  • Built-in Microphone.
  • Micro-USB for charging the holder.
  • USB-A Connection for your smartphone or tablet charging cable to act as a power bank.
  • 850 mAh battery in holder.
  • Earbuds battery life up to 8 hours, 30 hours when charged using the holder.
  • 300 hour stand-by (holder).
  • Earbuds charge in an hour, holder in two hours.
  • Three different size earbuds included, always a great fit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I swim with the Smart EWA Earbuds?
Yes, you can use them to 1 meter depth. Please note that Bluetooth doesn’t work well underwater en limits the maximum range.

Will the earbuds connect to my device?
Almost any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth devices are supported. This product uses a universal technology: Bluetooth.

Can I use only one earpiece?
Yes, you’re able to simply turn on one earbud and use it to listen to your music in mono, control your music and make phone calls.

The Earbuds sound well but lacking bass response, what to do?
Try a larger size earbuds (three sizes included) and make sure they sit snug and secure in your ear.

Can I return this product?
Once the ear buds have been in your ear, you can’t return them. You can still try and see if your device connects with the earbuds, so you know they’re compatible. For hygienic reasons we do not accept used ear buds.

Is the holder also water resistant?
No, it’s not. Sweat and light moisture is fine, but please do not use the holder underwater.

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